Manufacturing Focus

We believe in our ability to manufacture products of good quality,  high volumes and with great efficiency for our customers. VOEPL has grown from a single product to multiple products , locations and segments because of the support of our customers, team and partners.  

Strong Backward Integration

To be able to be efficient in our manufacturing processes it is important to have back integrations.  At VOEPL we are improving our backward integration by adding resources in house and also by building strong relationship with our partners. 

Enhancing Consumer Experience

We understand that for our success is in the success of our customers. Their success is dependent on multiple factors but a major factor being a satisfied consumer experience which we want to help our customer achieve by ensuring quality, consistency & quantity.  

Social Responsibility 

At the core of VOEPL, we strongly believe that being socially responsible and adding value to the community that you are part of is a very important aspect and barometer to measure the success of a company and we wish to exceed all expectations in this regard. 

Our Valued Customers